Skinnay Ennis and Orchestra

Drummer, singer and band leader Skinnay Ennis started his career in Hal Kemp's orchestra in the mid-20s. He occasionally sang on recording sessions with other bands in New York, including the California Ramblers and the Dorsey Brothers. He put together his own big band in 1938, which went on to record several dance band sides for Victor up to 1941. He was featured in the movies and kept touring throughout the 1940s and 50s.

Ennis's commercial recordings after 1941 are not listed in the jazz discographies. From Billboard magazine ads one can conclude that he recorded at least four sides for ARA, which was a Hollywood-based record label operated by Boris Morris and his son, circa 1944–1946. The jumpy number featured here was probably recorded in 1945. The personnel listing below is based on the liner notes of a Hindsight LP featuring transcription recordings from 1946–1947 and is uncertain.

Skinnay Ennis and Orchestra: prob pers Ralph Hardin, Vince DiBari, Bobby Clark, Gene Duval (tp) Hal Smith, Claire Travis, Milt Fuller (tb) Charles Brosen, Kenny Olson, Abe Aaron, Johnny Hamilton, Herb Stowe (sax) Earl Sturgis (p) Gil Hintz (g) Jess Bourgeois (b) Billy Wilson (d) Skinnay Ennis (ldr)

78 source: ARA RM 110B


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  1. I've never heard the term Jumpin' Jiminy used but the term "Yumpin' Yiminy" is, or at least was, a common expression that was humorously supposed to be an exclamation used by Scandinavian Americans. By the way, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and hearing music and bands totally new to me!