Larry Clinton and His Orchestra

Trumpeter, trombonist and clarinetist Larry Clinton started out as songwriter and arranger for, among others, the Casa Loma Orchestra, Bunny Berigan, and both Dorsey brothers, and is responsible for songs such as 'Shades of Hades'. 'A Study in Brown', and 'The Dipsy Doodle'. He formed his own big band in 1937, which produced a large number of very dance-friendly songs up to 1941. His songs were often based on simple riffs and repetitive arrangements, something that seems to appeal to today's lindy hop and balboa dancers alike.

Here I'm proud to present my first transfers from a 78 rpm shellac record (a quite warped disc graded "VG"; not perfect but still nice). Chant of the Jungle is a very fast and hot instrumental that had previously been recorded by, among others, the California Ramblers and the Casa Loma Orchestra. Design for Dancing is a quite typical, mid-tempo instrumental by Clinton – an extremely repetitive but effective dance song.

Discographical data from The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord:

Larry Clinton and His Orchestra: Larry Clinton (tp,tb,cl,arr,ldr) Ivor Lloyd, Walter Smith, James Sexton (tp) Ford Leary, Joe Ortolano (tb) Hugo Winterhalter, Mike Doty (cl,as) George Dressinger, Tony Zimmers (ts) Sam Mineo (p) Jack Chesleigh (g) Walt Hardman (b) Charlie Blake (d) 

New York, October 6, 1938
027257-2    Design for Dancing     Victor 26076
027259-1    Chant of the Jungle    Victor 26076

78 source: Victor 26076

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