Vivien Garry Quartet

Basist Vivien Garry fronted several small jazz combos in Los Angeles in the mid-forties. She is mentioned in a brief passage in Linda Dahl's book Stormy Weather–The Music and Lives of a Century of Jazz Women as "a catalyst in many jam sessions in the L.A. area . . . She wanted to be on top of all the developments in music and formed different groups to work in clubs there."

Guitarist Arvin Garrison was Vivien's husband, and composer/pianist George Handy was contributing arrangements to Boyd Raeburn's band. Here we hear the first recording of Handy's composition Tonsilectomy, prior to Raeburn's big band version of it.  I've Got To, That's All sounds like something that King Cole's trio could have recorded and features Vivien's singing. Both tracks unfortunately suffer from quite severe wow/flutter.

Discographical data from The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord:

Vivien Garry Quartet: George Handy (p) Arvin Garrison (g) Vivien Garry (b,vcl) Roy Hall (d)

Los Angeles, 1945
    I've Got To, That's All         Sarco 102    
    Tonsilectomy                         Sarco 103

LP source: Central Avenue Breakdown; Volume 1 – Teddy Edwards / Vivian Garry / Dodo Marmarosa (Onyx 212)

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