Jimmy McPartland and His Orchestra

I am not a huge fan of trad-jazz, but I think this is great. Cornetist Jimmy McPartland was one of the originators of the style known as Chicago Jazz. He did his first recordings with the Wolverines in New York in 1924, replacing Bix Beiderbecke as their cornetist. He was later part of the Austin High Gang in Chicago, who also included Bud Freeman, Frank Teschmacher, Bud Freeman and Eddie Condon.

McPartland only recorded twice under his own name during his band-leading years of 1936–1941; four songs in 1936 and four in 1939. On the two songs from 1939 songs featured here, the band swings superbly, and the audio quality of the recordings is very rich. Besides McPartland's beautiful cornet playing, we can also hear some rare solos by alto saxophonist Boyce Brown.

Discographical data from The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord:

Jimmy McPartland and His Orchestra: Jimmy McPartland (cnt) Bud Jacobson (cl) Boyce Brown (as) Floyd Bean (p) Dick McPartland (g) Jim Lannigan (b) Hank Isaacs (d)

Chicago, October 11, 1939
91832-A      Jazz me blues      De 18042
91833-A      Sugar                   De 18043  

LP source: Chicago Jazz (Coral Records 38)

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