Hudson–DeLange Orchestra

I'm slightly annoyed as I was going to feature two tracks by the wonderful International Sweethearts of Rhythm, but SoundCloud put a stop to that, claiming that my uploads infringed on copyrighted material. I can only advise you not to buy the junk digital "remaster" that is available on iTunes and instead go for the Rosetta LP RR-1312. The album includes a long, detailed essay of the group's history and 25 photos.

So instead of that I'm offering a two-part instrumental from the first LP I ever bought (only half a year ago): 'The Sophisticated Swing of the Hudson-DeLange Orchestra 1936/1939'. The HudsonDeLange Orchestra existed for a few brief years in the mid-thirties and recorded a few dozen songs for Brunswick before the partnership ended in 1938. 'Mr. Ghost Goes To Town' (1936) was featured on the essential CD box 'Swing Time! The Fabulous Big Band Era 1925-1955', but that is perhaps the only song that has been given an major-label reissue. Although short-lived, the band did have a distinct sound: somewhat quirky, repetitive, and often featuring polytonal riffs. The music seems to go down well with the Balboa dancers.

Discographical data from The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord:

Hudson–DeLange Orchestra: James O'Connell, Steve Lipkins, Ralph Hollenbeck (tp) Edward Kolyer (tb) George Bohn, Hugh Hibbert (cl,as) Pete Brendel (as,bar) Ted Duane (cl,ts) Mark Hyams (p) Cliff Rausch (g) Doc Goldberg (b) Ed O'Hara (d) Will Hudson, Eddie DeLange (arr)

New York, December 18, 1936
20424-1,3    Love Song Of A Half-Wit (Pt 1)    Br 7828
20425-2,3    Love Song Of A Half-Wit (Pt 2)      -              

LP source: The Sophisticated Swing of the Hudson-DeLange Orchestra 1936/1939 (Bandstand Records BSR 7105)


  1. Do you plan to share International Sweethearts of Rhythm somewhere else ?

    1. I might try YouTube, but I didn't have time to figure out how it works yet.