Joe Haymes and His Orchestra

Arranger and bandleader Joe Haymes recorded more than two hundered tracks for various labels between 1932 and 1937, but only a very small fraction of them are available on CD or via digital download. The International Association of Jazz Record Collectors (IAJRC) has released a CD collection called 'White Stars and Sky Rockets' that contains, among other things, a great version of 'St Louis Blues'. There is also an excellent double-LP that collects the best of his Bluebird output between 1932 and 1935. On YouTube you can find 78 transfers of many of his songs, including my personal favourite: 'Lenox Avenue'. Also be sure to take a listen to his romping version of 'Christopher Columbus'.

Today I am featuring two songs off an IAJRC LP from 1984 that contains various rare Joe Haymes tracks, including eight songs recorded for Associated Transcriptions in December 1934. To my ears, it sounds like the session was recorded at Liederkrantz Hall, although I have no confirmation of this. The two songs selected here are swinging, albeit in that typical early 30s, white band style. It is interesting to note that the band included the jazz greats Bud Freeman and Toots Mondello.

Discographical data from The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord (with corrections):

Joe Haymes and His Orchestra: Cliff Weston, Andy Ferretti, Joe Hostetter (tp) Joe Yukl, Alex Palocsay (tb) Paul Ricci (cl,as,ts) Toots Mondello (as,vcl) Bud Freeman (cl,ts) Paul Mitchell (p) George Zurnick (vln) Gene Traxler (b) Charlie Bush (d) Joe Haymes (arr)

Associated Transcription session, New York, December 30, 1934
A-49-2    Swingin' for the King (tm vcl)
A-53-2    Riding on a Bus Top

LP source: Joe Haymes & His Orchestra, 1932–1937, Recorded and Transcribed (IAJRC 46)

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