Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra

Band leader and saxophonist Charlie Barnet is quite well represented on CD, except for the late Bluebird period between October 1940 and January 1942. The Chronological Classics label has reissued every track from the early Banner and Bluebird years but did not reach further than 'Charlie Barnet 1940 Vol. 2', ending in September 1940, before the series was discontinued in 2008.

Barnet, who was strongly influenced by Duke Ellington, produced some of his most interesting work in the early 40s: 'Redskin Rhumba', 'Lumby', 'Blue Juice', 'Little John Ordinary', 'Birmingham Breakdown', 'Little Dip', etc. Here I am featuring two of the more obscure tracks from that era, both found on the double-LP 'The Complete Charlie Barnet, Volume V 1940–1941'. 'Buffy Boy' is a great, swinging mid-tempo instrumental. 'He's a Latin from Staten Island' was arranged by Billy May and has some interesting rhythms and harmonies, but is somewhat marred by the corny lyrics, sung by trombonist Ford Leary.

Discographical data from The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord:

Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra: Bernie Privin (tp) Billy May, John Owens, Lyman Vunk (tp) Spud Murphy, Don Ruppersberg, Bill Robertson, Ford Leary (tb) Charlie Barnet (sax,ldr) Gene Kinsey, Leo White (as) Kurt Bloom (ts) James Lamare (ts,bar) Bill Miller (p) Bus Etri (g) Phil Stephens (b) Cliff Leeman (d) Bud Estes (arr)

New York, October 14, 1940
56487-1    Buffy Boy    Bluebird B11093

Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra: Bernie Privin, Bob Burnet, George Esposito, Lyman Vunk (tp) Spud Murphy, Bill Robertson, Don Ruppersberg, Ford Leary (tb,vcl) Charlie Barnet (sax,ldr) Conn Humphreys, Leo White (as) Kurt Bloom (ts) Jim Lamare (ts,bar) Bill Miller (p) Bus Etri (g) Phil Stephens (b) Cliff Leeman (d) Billy May (arr)

New York, December 3, 1940
58213-1    He's a Latin from Staten Island    Bluebird B11004

LP source: The Complete Charlie Barnet, Volume V 1940–1941 (Bluebird AXM2-5587)


  1. Whoaaa. Thanks for sharing. So damn good music.

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  3. I have a free account that only allows three hours of music, so I have to delete old tracks as I add new. I will move it to another platform soon though, since Soundcloud sucks.